I write code because I thoroughly enjoy it. Wolvenware lets me create something from nothing!


I'm lucky enough to write code for a living. Wolvenware is my personal creative outlet.


I love learning! Wolvenware is a vehicle that helps me learn new and exciting things.



I'm Ian Phipps and wolvenware is the moniker under which I've chosen to write code when I'm not writing code at work. Wolvenware came scratching and howling its way into existence when I decided to release one of my just for fun side projects - Near Field Ninja. Originally, Near Field Ninja was intended to just be a proof of concept that would see a quick and nasty death, but after showing it to a few people, they thought it was interesting enough to warrant finishing. Thus, wolvenware was born and now that it's alive, I plan to (over time) release a number of fun and interesting mobile applications.

I love talking shop. If you have any queries or just feel like shooting the breeze, feel free to hit me up at ian [at] wolvenware [dot] com